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Revitalise Sleep with a Cooling Mattress Topper

Wake up refreshed

Can a cooling mattress topper help you achieve deep, restorative sleep? A slight increase in body temperature can disrupt sleep and hinder mental clarity the next day. So, the key to enhancing mindfulness and overall well-being is a cool, comfortable sleeping environment.

Here’s what we like about the Sleep Zone cooling mattress topper:

Mind & body rejuvenation: Perfect for mindfulness and deep rest.
Temperature control: NANOTEX Technology to keep cool and comfortable.
Ultra-soft & fluffy: 120gsm microfiber and 12oz 5D spiral fiber.
Hotel luxury at home: Rich comfort for a serene sleep experience.
Targeted body support: 3-zone design for a natural, restful posture.
Easy to use & care: Fits up to 21-inch (53.4 cm) mattresses, machine washable.

Your secret to a restful night and a mindful day!