Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy

Discover the power of cognitive behavioral therapy with this bestselling guide. Dr. David D. Burns offers practical exercises to help you overcome negative thinking and improve your mood. Start feeling better today.

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Mindfulness Journal that Centers You

Mindfulness Journal to center you 365 days.

Transform your thoughts Many people use writing in a mindfulness journal to focus their thoughts. Centering yourself is fundamental to mindful practices because it helps anchor you in the present moment and enhances mental clarity and focus. If you’re time-poor, try this journal. You’ll get loads of inspiration and be relieved by the shorter spaces…

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Anxious Achiever: Fears into leadership

Are you an anxious achiever? Transform your anxiety into a leadership strength. Leadership expert Morra Aarons-Mele shows how to harness anxiety for good. Discover practical strategies and inspiring stories from top business leaders. Start your journey to effective, anxiety-informed leadership today. Audiobook available: Ideal for listening while walking, gardening, or commuting.

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