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Magazine-style images show a woman focused on her laptop, disengaged from her family in the background.

How to Succeed in Managing Work Stress and Boost Relationships

Struggling with managing work stress? Have you ever come home from a long day at work feeling so drained that you could barely muster a ‘hello’ to your family? Maybe you’ve snapped at a loved one over something trivial simply because the stress from work felt too overwhelming. You’re not alone. Discover practical tips to protect your relationships, prioritise self-care, communicate better, and seek support.

Magazine-style illustration showing a stylised woman with the stars and moon in her hair and the universe in the background.

How to Trust Your Intuition: Bridging Science & Spirituality

Have you ever had a gut feeling that you just couldn’t shake? A moment of clarity or a whisper of insight that seemed to come from nowhere? You’re not alone. Trusting your intuition is a vital skill that can guide us through life’s decisions, yet science plays a role too.

Illustration of a business woman stopping dominoes from falling - symbolising resilience at work.

5 Ways to boost your emotional resilience at work

Feeling crushed by work stress? What if you could transform that stress into resilience, bouncing back stronger each time? Emotional resilience isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the key to thriving in today’s high-pressure work environment. Discover 5 strategies to boost your resilience.

Cartoon, flat image of a group meeting with many different speech bubbles indicating different communication styles

What is Your Attachment Style?

Do you wonder why you feel insecure in work relationships? Or perhaps you notice that you always go the extra mile to please your boss? It could be due to your attachment style. Take our quiz and find out.

Lateral thinking

Embracing Lateral Thinking in the Age of AI

Will traditional lateral thinking skills needed in a future dominated by AI? How will AI impact cognitive skills in education, business and psychology? Find out.

Imposter syndrome a guide for managers and HR professionals

Imposter Syndrome: A Guide for HR and Managers

Is Imposter Syndrome impacting your business productivity? Manager or HR professional – don’t miss our insightful guide. Learn about the 5 imposter types and their impact on employees. Discover effective strategies for fostering a confident, productive workplace. Enhance employee well-being to foster better output.

Monetising Mental Health

Monetising Mental Health in the Age of Tech Giants

Digital solutions are revolutionising the approach to mental health support. But what does this mean for solo practitioners , especially when competing against the resources of big tech giants?

Mindfulness venting

Mind Fitness: Transforming Venting

Is venting at work really helpful? Transform work stress into resilience. Mind Matters unveils effective strategies beyond venting.

Financial anxiety

Money Mindset: Beating Financial Anxiety

Facing financial fears? Discover how to identify and tackle financial anxiety in our MInd Matters blog. Turn your ‘what ifs’ into confidence and control.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome: Realise Your Potential

Feeling like a fraud despite success? You’re not alone. Explore the reality of Imposter Syndrome and strategies to overcome self-doubt in our Mind Matters blog.