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Welcome to Chat2Change Counselling

I’m Denise Gibb, your dedicated counsellor. Before transitioning into counselling, I had over 20 years of professional experience helping individuals navigate business and life challenges. Today, my mission as a counsellor is to empower you to achieve emotional resilience and personal growth through compassionate, tailored support.

Whether you're dealing with stress, life's challenges, anxiety, depression, or simply seeking personal development, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.
Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Discover how personalised counselling can make a difference in your life today.

Why choose Chat2Change Counselling?


Enhance your well-being

Build emotional resilience and mental fitness. Receive support for overcoming personal and professional challenges. Experience a positive transformation in your daily life.


Achieve personal growth

Gain control over your emotions and thoughts. Increase 
confidence and self-esteem. Develop healthy coping strategies for long-term success.


Tailored support for your needs

Customised counselling plans to address your unique concerns. Confidential and compassionate one-on-one sessions. Proven methods to promote lasting positive change.

What I Do

My counselling specialties


Anxiety management

Transform anxiety into a catalyst for growth and confidence.


Depression support

Equip yourself with tools and strategies to improve your mood and overall well-being.


Grief and loss

Navigate the complexities of grief with compassionate support and find renewed purpose.


Work stress

Turn workplace stress into personal growth and achievement opportunities.


Overcoming self-doubt

Address underlying issues like imposter syndrome and build confidence.


Boosting productivity

Learn effective strategies to overcome procrastination and enhance productivity.


No wait times


Access from anywhere on any device


Flexible scheduling


Affordable therapy sessions

Discover the benefits

Enhanced mental well-being

Enhanced mental well-being

Feel more balanced, resilient, and at peace.

Free from unhelpful habits

Free from unhelpful habits

Gain tools to make lasting, positive changes.

Overcome emotional hurdles

Overcome emotional hurdles

Move past obstacles that have been holding you back.

Denise Gibb counsellor
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Take the first step towards a better you

Invest in your mental health and well-being with Chat2Change Counselling. With my compassionate and effective counselling methods, you'll see real improvements and feel empowered to live your best life.

Let's work together to unlock your full potential.


Commonly Asked Questions

Therapy is a collaborative process to help you achieve mental clarity and emotional balance. Here’s what to expect:

  • Warm welcome and initial assessment: In your first session, I'll welcome you warmly, answer any questions, and start understanding your needs.
  • Review and reflection: Each session begins with a brief review of our last discussion to ensure we’re making progress.
  • Deep dive into your concerns: We’ll spend around 40 minutes exploring your thoughts and feelings in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Summary and insights: I'll summarise our discussion and highlight key insights and steps.
  • Mindfulness practice: We'll end with a brief mindfulness exercise to help manage stress.

Importantly, each session is customised to your unique needs, providing empathetic support and using proven techniques like CBT, ACT, and mindfulness.

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